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Visionary Content creators
From real estate photography, event video production to drone imagery, we offer professional photography and videography services across Canberra and beyond
We have a close knit team of creatives and each of them brings unique and creative perspective on everything media.


Our team of creatives have an "outside the box" way of thinking. We like to play with ideas, concepts and create content that's a bit different to what you've seen before.

Strategic Content creators

Anyone can create content but it's important that you create content for the right purpose and drive that content towards a goal

problem solvers

Each business has their own unique challenges and we pride ourselves on being able to sit down with clients, help them identify their pain-points in their marketing and then create a strategy on how we can implement media solutions to achieve their goals.

Curated visuals was founded on the principle of putting relationships and the needs of our clients first. 

Once we have developed a connection, we have found that we better understand what the objective of the content we’re producing is, and we can efficiently work towards reaching those goals.

our services
Real Estate Photography & Videography

While having a collection of still real estate photography is just as vital, using real estate videography tours is a fantastic method to give your clients the “story” of your listing. 

Your engagement rate can increase with a series of well-captured property film.

Video Production

Who doesn’t love a good video, right?

Videos have become a powerful tool for sharing information, and it’s all about using them in the right way and using them often. When you nail it, videos can do wonders for your brand and truly connect with your audience, providing genuine value along the way.

So, let’s get creative and make some awesome videos that leave a lasting impression!


The reality is, people connect with what makes them feel something. They connect through emotions.

If your business is able to demonstrate how it looks after clients, provides solutions and goes above and beyond for their clients, that can be conveyed through quality photography.

Let’s chat about how we can help with that!

Aerial & Drone Services

You may need some images or videos taken by drone for a project. We’ve got the experience to help you get the best content possible!

Extensive Experience Across Diverse Industries

With our wide-ranging experience in various industries such as real estate, construction, hospitality, and retail, we bring a wealth of knowledge to the table. This enables us to create content that is not only unique but also tailored specifically to your brand or business.

 Drawing on our expertise, we understand how to capture the essence of your industry and deliver engaging visuals that resonate with your target audience.

Relationship-Focused Approach

Our business philosophy places relationships above all else. We prioritise building strong connections with our clients, which has allowed us to develop a solid client base in Canberra. 

By working closely with you, we ensure a deep understanding of your goals and vision. This collaborative approach guarantees that our content creation aligns seamlessly with your brand identity, values, and objectives. You can trust us to be invested in your success.

Comprehensive Services to Meet Your Needs

From real estate media to event videography, commercial photography, and stunning drone aerial imagery, we offer a comprehensive suite of services to cater to all your visual content needs. 

Whether you’re looking to showcase properties, capture memorable events, or create captivating imagery for your business, our diverse skill set and versatile portfolio ensure that we can deliver exceptional results across different mediums. Partnering with us means having access to a one-stop solution for all your visual storytelling requirements.

Clinton M
Aurora Foundation
Marketing and Development Manager

We recently held an event for Aurora Foundation at the British High Commission in Canberra. Curated Visuals provided photography and videography coverage and enjoyed working with them. Koome was especially friendly and great to work with. The photos and videos captured during the event were of excellent quality. I would certainly recommend Curated Visuals to other organisations for their events and other planned initiatives.

George P
Berra Finance

I can not thank Koome enough for the work he did for my business. We had a number of projects running concurrently and nothing was too hard as Koome took the time to meet and take the details and deliver. I will not go anywhere else. Koome you’re a legend thanks for your help.

Emily W
Marketing & Events Executive

I am so glad that I come across curated visuals. I can’t say enough about how professional koome is and the quality of work that he provides. I was so pleased with my video and photographs, that I will continue to use him in the future.

Daniel S
Director and Co-Founder
Ads On Wheels
We have done a couple of jobs with Koome from Curated Visuals, and they are fantastic. All to spec and followed the brief amazing. Will be using as our main photographer in Canberra in the future for sure.
Princy V
StyleUp Staging

I am so glad that I come across curated visuals. I can’t say enough about how professional koome is and the quality of work that he provides. I was so pleased with my video and photographs, that I will continue to use him in the future.

Terry C
Balmain Commercial
Graphic Designer at Balmain Commercial

Koome is a professional and reliable drone photographer. He is always above the rest and delivery times are excellent!

Nataly T
Australia and New Zealand School of Government (ANZSOG)
Engagement Coordinator / Stakeholder Relations / Consultancy

I was impressed at the professionalism that Curated Visual team provide in both of their final products and customer service. It’s been a pleasure working with Koome and Dave! Highly recommended!