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Capturing a wedding is more than simply taking photos and videos; it must elicit the same feeling in you and make you want to relive it every time you see the day caught on film or photography.

We capture engagements and weddings and now booking for 2023 & 2024!

Turn your precious moments into timeless beautiful memories with Curated Visuals.

Weddings are the most intimate and meaningful occasions not only for the bride and groom but also for their close family and friends. It is a day when everyone is overwhelmed with emotion and creates wonderful memories. But we can’t let go of this without capturing it so you can relive it any time ahead you want. Those pretty candid smiles, those flirty glances between friends, and eyes filled with joyful tears. It would be awful to miss these lovely moments.

Kez and Alex 2

Capturing a wedding is more than simply taking photos and videos; it must elicit the same feeling in you and make you want to relive it every time you watch it.

Curated Visuals knows how to perfectly tell your story through our wedding photography and videography in Canberra. Every wedding, in our opinion, is a distinctive expression of a special love story. We have narrated some beautiful love stories with our wedding photography and videography skills that you can check on our website.

wedding film faqs

We are based in Canberra and can definitely travel for weddings. If your wedding is further than 50kms, there’s a travel fee which covers our transport and accomodation for the night. The fee depends on where your wedding is. 

Our editing style is a cinematic mixture of traditional and modern. We tend to use warmer, more saturated colours. We’ve been using that style for a long time and our commercial, realestate and private clients love that style and so do we! 

If there’s a style you prefer, we’re definitely able to incorporate that style and make sure you’re happy with the results we produce for you.

Check out our gallery to get an idea of the style we use!

Generally, we take about 2-3 weeks to edit and have the videos ready to send to you. This is because we have a number of videos and images we’re editing and there’s a massive amount of detail put into each piece of content we produce.

When it comes to editing, our editing process isn’t a matter of slapping the videos together and laying over a music track. There’s time spent finding the perfect music suitable for your video, sound design for the sound effects like the wind, ocean etc. There’s colour grading to make sure that the colours are consistent with the style that we’re going with.

To create a quality video production, it takes time, coffee and more time. Every video is different and we like to make sure that it’s absolutely perfect. 

If you require the videos done sooner, let us know. We can work something out!

We require a 50% deposit to book your day in. 7 days before the wedding, we then ask that you send the remaining 50%.

If your wedding isn’t going ahead and you must cancel, we retain 10% of your feee. We understand that things happen and it’s terrible when they do however we charge this to cover our income.

If for whatever reason you have to move your wedding day, there’s no fee to reschedule. If we’re not available on that date, we’ll discuss alternatives but we’ll do our best to make sure we’re there for you.

Wedding photographers in Canberra endeavour to capture unforgettable images during weddings. At Curated Visuals, we enjoy producing content that captures the deepest feelings.

We have different packages added to our website for your reference. You can check them out or contact us directly for more details.

Your wedding photographs and video will become an important part of your family’s digital history. It’s a lovely way to honour lost loved ones while also passing on the joy of this special occasion to future generations.

You may capture the sound of their greetings, their laughter, and the tender words they spoke with one another as they watched you take this significant step in your life in your wedding videos.

Every year on your anniversary, you may relive the joyous occasion and recall the promises you made to one another by watching your wedding video and photos.

Do wedding photographers do videos?

Photography and videography are two different elements and it is best to hire professionals in the respective areas. It is best to have a clear understanding of your needs before engaging any professionals for your wedding. When it comes to your big day, Curated Visuals offers both services. Please feel free to contact us if you have any questions regarding our wedding photography and videography services.

We at Curated Visuals offer different and affordable wedding photography and videography packages in Canberra.  Pricing starts at $2400 and is based on how long you need us at your wedding and whether you have adde inclusions such as additional photographers, engagement shoots etc.

You can also talk to us if you have any questions. 

Call us at 02 9174 5246 for more information about our wedding packages and services, or send us an email at Moreover, you may contact us directly through our website to find out more about our reputable wedding videographers in Canberra.