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Belluci’s Manuka & Woden: Neighbourhood favourites

If there’s one thing that most Canberran’s love, it’s food. Not just any food though. The food we’re talking about is colourful, delicious smells and cuisine that’s full of flavour and served in a way that makes you want to just inhale everything on your plate.

You see, Belluci’s has been around for a while but it wasn’t until a few months ago that we were able to experience the restaurant for ourselves and see why they are so popular. The Manuka restaurant feels sophisticated with its full-length glass doors, upper and lower seating areas and that boasts a gorgeous fireplace. The Woden restaurant offers something slightly different but is also worth experiencing. It is tucked away in Phillip, in a tall square building that has an industrial feel. Its red exposed brick can be seen from a distance and once you walk through their doors, your nose is met by delicious smells as you’re guided to your seat. The venue has a cosy, relaxing vibe and that’s what makes it a different experience to Manuka.

One thing that Belluci’s does exceptionally well is provides a menu that has so many delicious meals that you end up spending twice as long to choose. There are more dishes than you can poke a stick at and a wine list that you would expect from a restaurant of this calibre. Their wine menu covers a mix of Italian and local wines and is served by the glass, half bottle and whole bottles depending on your appetite.

The objective of our work with Belluci’s was to do photography for their website and social media. One criterion we try and meet every time we bring our gear out is to capture the emotion in the environment. It entices the audience to experience what we’re experiencing. We want viewers to soak in the colours, textures and draw them in.

Whether it’s their wood-fired pizza, different pasta dishes or their exquisite selection of wine, we were able to use some creativity to produce content that the owners were satisfied with.

The venues and food are incredible. However, the Belluci’s team are the ones that make the restaurants such a great place to be! We had the pleasure of spending a few hours with each restaurant and in that time, we were fed, got to know the staff, build relationships and flex our creative muscles to produce content that’s unlike anything else seen before.

It’s not often that we write about our clients but this is one of those clients that we will always rave about and love to work with.

Website/ bookings-


Cnr Franklin & Furneaux St Manuka 2603

P: (02) 6239 7424



Cnr Launceston & Irving St Woden 2606

P: (02) 6282 1700


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