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5 Reasons Your Business Needs Professional Photography & Video

There’s that old saying that goes ‘Never judge a book by it’s cover’ but when it comes to clients looking for a business to help them solve their problems, that’s exactly what they’re doing. Don’t let that put you off though, it’s something that just happens when individuals are looking at how agencies, creators and restaurants present themselves so they can work out if they’re worthwhile looking into. To put it simply, if something doesn’t look good.. you won’t want it. 😛

Most people enjoy pizza so here’s an analogy. Say you and your significant other are starving and are looking through Instagram for some local pizza restaurants. You come across a restaurant with some epic pictures and right at the top of their feed, they’ve got a delicious looking margarita. It makes you instantly feel like jumping into the screen and inhaling that delectable looking pizza. You both decide that you’d find 1 or 2 more other pages and see how their pizzas look. A few minutes later, you come across another restaurant with random images of salt shakers, pepper sprayed on a dirty table and a pizza with topping so unevenly spread that it makes the shape of Africa. It often doesn’t take much for customers to decide where to go to get their problem sorted and this is how customers decide who to engage with and ultimately where they want to spend their hard-earned money.

The same thing is applied across other mediums such as your website, business directories and marketing content. You see, the difference between professional photos or better yet, videos is that having quality digital content will help prospective customers get a feel of what your business has to offer.

To help you understand why this is important, we’ve broken down the 5 reasons;

1. Professional images establish your brand’s identity

A brand identity is simply how people perceive that business or organisation whether it’s positive or negative. It’s how that business communicates to the public and how it’s received. Professional images and video demonstrate to the public what your business values, who your team are, who your clients are and most importantly, what you have to offer!

2. Professional images attract.

These days, most people have smart phones and so they probably have used their phones to take a quick snap of their meal, family members, special occasions or something that’s caught their attention. When it comes to businesses and presenting your business in the best way possible professional photographer and video production service. When you hire a professional, you get industry knowledge so the photographer or videographer is able to give you insight into what works and what doesn’t work. You get impressively sharp images, videos that flow, make sense and have a unique message. You get the best value for your business marketing budget. If you find an individual or business that knows what they’re doing and know how to do it well, you’ll find yourself in a great partnership and you’ll yield great results because of that relationship.

3. Professional images convey authenticity.

The reality is, people connect with what makes them feel something. They connect through emotions. If your business is able to demonstrate how it looks after clients, provides solutions and goes above and beyond for their clients, that can be conveyed through quality photography and video production. A good example of that is our project we worked on with Forward Industries Canberra. We were able to show their clients the type of craftmanship and detail they put into their carpentry.

4. Customers get to know your business.

When prospective customers visit your website, they want to know more about you and how you can help them. It’s proven that time and time again that business owners do business with people they trust so it’s important that you prepare your business to be seen in its best light online. One powerful way to get prospective customers to know your business is to use testimonials from past clients. It’s social proof that your business solved a problem that someone has had and they’re able to help you too.

5. It gives your business the competitive edge

The thing is, when you have great images, your business is already putting it’s best foot forward but to start running miles ahead of your competitors, you need to work with an agency or creator that knows how to create engaging, targeted and powerful video campaigns for your business. We’ve worked with a number of businesses and what helps them the most is video content that conveys a message, educates, tells prospective clients about what they have to offer and most importantly, it lets people understand how and why that particular business can help them. It presents examples of solutions you have provided to people and how happy that has made them.

Interested in chatting about how the Curated Visuals team can help your business leverage the power of professional photography and video? Shoot us a message!


Remember that pizza analogy from earlier? Here’s a pizza we had the pleasure of photographing and then devouring minutes later. You’re welcome.

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