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Dear Marketing Managers, Video Should Be Your Priority

Marketing managers video should be your priority

In marketing, video is a crucial part of your marketing strategy and can make the difference between a prospective client choosing your product and/or service, or going to your competitor. Since it’s relatively easy to incorporate, it’s important to consider.

There are a plethora of benefits of incorporating video into your marketing plan to increase your brand awareness, help you hit your sales goals, and engage your audience.

What Statistics Show

Numbers rarely lie (unless we’re talking about the scale after Thanksgiving dinner), and the numbers say that videos are crucial in boosting your sales! Adding an instructional video can boost sales by 74%, according to some studies. Another study found that having a video included on your landing page where clients are immediately greeted by it can boost sales up to 80%!

Now, if that doesn’t sound compelling enough already, then let’s continue on.

Google Rewards Videos

If one of your goals is to rank higher on the Google search results page, then videos are a must! Google loves to boost websites that incorporate videos into it. In fact, according to Moovly, your website is about 5 times more likely to appear on the first page if you add a video to your website.

Know, Like, and Trust

While pictures capture a feeling, a video can help build a relationship with your audience. Some things simply can’t be translated through a picture, but a video is able to express subtleties easily. Videos offer a deeper understanding of you, your product/service, and your company to your prospective clients. If a client doesn’t know, like, and trust you, it’s unlikely that they’ll choose to work with you.

However, an easy way to build that know, like, and trust factor is by offering a variety of different video content that introduces your brand and establishes credibility. Introduce yourself and your team, so people know who they are buying from, or showcase what a day in the life of your company looks like! People are curious and love to have their curiosity satisfied. This is easily done via videos. It also makes you seem more approachable and real, which certainly helps.

Information, Information & More Information

A video can answer ALL of your client’s questions! Simply put, a video can contain way more information than a picture ever could. Any information that may be helpful for your client to know in order to make an informed and educated decision, you can provide in a video. You can rest assured that you will be giving all the information needed for someone to make that purchasing decision.

Appeals to the Lazy As Well

Today people are simply overstimulated and overwhelmed with information. Reading a longer post can seem like too much for some after a busy workday, but a video is engaging for everyone – including those who may tend to be lazier than others. Think about it! TikTok is gaining much more traction currently than any other social media platform. Its only source of content? Video! So why fall behind on the trends, when you can take advantage of them by including video into your marketing plan?

Video Content Ideas For You to Consider

There are so many ways to showcase and highlight your company and its products or services. As mentioned above, film a day in the life, or introduce your team. Have a video explaining your company’s mission and philosophy, and what you hope to accomplish in the long term. Buyers want to be a part of something bigger, so if it’s your goal to save the bees with your profits, mention it! Alternatively, show a demonstration of your product, or an instructional how-to video. There are endless ways to incorporate video into your marketing strategy and to keep your audience engaged.

Final Thoughts

At the end of the day, people buy from someone who they understand and where they know what the goal is. A picture may help show a brief glimpse of that, but can’t fully explain or demonstrate your business’ vision. A video, however, can do so much more than just that! A video can befriend your audience, offer guidance, educate, bring tears of laughter and joy, or help them empathize with your cause. THAT’S the difference between a marketing plan with video and one without.

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